We've encountered several delays on a variety of thing, which actually is to be expected. So we are pretty much on time/schedule. Our biggest news lately is that we've epoxied our brand new concrete floors and our brewhouse/fermenters have been delivered. We're actually starting to look like a  brewery inside the building now! If you look inside our windows you'll see that our layout is pretty much there! We have a rough-in of the bar, the placement of our brewhouse/fermenters are pretty much set,  and doors/drywalls are up for the bathroom.  If you're in the area come peer in the windows and say hey! 

Right now we're waiting on final connection of electricity, water connection to the city water main, and our walk-in cooler to arrive. Once these three things get checked off we'll be able to get our Use and Occupancy permit, MD 5M Brewery license, and then get some test batches going on in our new brewhouse system. We won't be able to sell those right away as we need to get another license, but we'll be getting the kinks ironed out and ready for you!

Here are some photos of us:

  1. with the Arrow Bicycle interns who helped us move the steel fermenters. 
  2. our equipment arriving on the flatbed (also known as Christmas day)
  3. the excavation of our water connection -- the sooner this is connected, the sooner we can make beer!