Video update!

Click on the video below to get our latest update. 

Working at it!

Working at it!

We've encountered several delays on a variety of thing, which actually is to be expected. So we are pretty much on time/schedule. Our biggest news lately is that we've epoxied our brand new concrete floors and our brewhouse/fermenters have been delivered. We're actually starting to look like a  brewery inside the building now! If you look inside our windows you'll see that our layout is pretty much there! We have a rough-in of the bar, the placement of our brewhouse/fermenters are pretty much set,  and doors/drywalls are up for the bathroom.  If you're in the area come peer in the windows and say hey! 

Right now we're waiting on final connection of electricity, water connection to the city water main, and our walk-in cooler to arrive. Once these three things get checked off we'll be able to get our Use and Occupancy permit, MD 5M Brewery license, and then get some test batches going on in our new brewhouse system. We won't be able to sell those right away as we need to get another license, but we'll be getting the kinks ironed out and ready for you!

Here are some photos of us:

  1. with the Arrow Bicycle interns who helped us move the steel fermenters. 
  2. our equipment arriving on the flatbed (also known as Christmas day)
  3. the excavation of our water connection -- the sooner this is connected, the sooner we can make beer!

About time for an update!

We've been working hard getting things moving for the brewery. For the past month we've been waiting for our architectural plans to go through the review process with Prince George's County so we can get started on our buildout. Today we learned that they've been approved! This means our plumber can get started with laying new pipes and fixing old pipes and so on! We're looking forward to it. Meanwhile here is a short video we made explaining the layout of the brewery, no sound here (sorry) but we do have captions!  Enjoy 

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Come on out to the ballgame with Streetcar 82 Brewing Co!

Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles Sunday, September 24th at 1:35pm

$35 includes tickets, round trip transportation, light food and beer tasting at the future site of the brewery (4824 Rhode Island Ave) before departure.

10:30 a.m. - Meet at Brewery for a mini-tour, food, and beer.
11:30 a.m. - Bus depart for ballgame
1:35 p.m.   - Game time
5:00 p.m.   - Anticipated return time

Purchase your tickets today:

For more information:

It is Official!

It is official! Today we signed the lease for our brewery! We will be residing at 4824 Rhode Island Ave in Hyattsville, MD 20781. The space at 4824 Rhode Island is a former auto garage and it comes with two beautiful garage doors that open up and provide great indoor/outdoor brewing space.  We're looking forward to joining the growing community of makers and creatives in Hyattsville.  

We have a lot of work to do and will be very busy outfitting the space to brew beer! All along we have appreciated the community support of Hyattsville residents and look forward to contributing to and being a part of this fantastic town. 


Jon Cetrano, Mark Burke, & Sam Costner 

Our Logo!

We'd like to share our new logo here and give you a little bit of detail on it. Our logo is a stylized version of the old 82 Streetcar that ran the tracks between D.C. and our location in Hyattsville.  We incorporated the colors of the streetcar in our logo and also included a nod to Hyattsville in the headsign of the streetcar--also an affirmation of our belief that Hyattsville is growing into a destination location for people that are looking for a place to eat, shop, and be active.  

The production of the logo was a collaborative effort between Andres Otalora, a deaf graphic designer, and Route 66, a deaf-owned design and apparel company. As deaf entrepreneurs we are proud to support deaf businesses, as well as local businesses.

P.S. If you want a Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. logo t-shirt contact: You'll be supporting your soon-to-be local brewery!

 Our logo! 

Our logo! 


By official proclamation of Governor Larry Hogan, FeBREWary is Maryland’s official month-long celebration of craft beer and craft beer lovers.

Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. kicked off FeBREWary by attending Governor Hogan's toast at Chesapeake Brewing. Earlier in the day members of Brewer's Association of Maryland (BAM) met with legislators and staff on brewery modernization initiatives to make it easier for Maryland brewers like us to produce craft beer for YOU! 

 (L to R) Kelby Brick, Director of the Governor's Office of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Amit Rupani & Jason Bailey of SeaWolf Brewery, Mark Burke of Streetcar 82 with Governor Larry Hogan and Sam Costner of Streetcar 82.  

(L to R) Kelby Brick, Director of the Governor's Office of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Amit Rupani & Jason Bailey of SeaWolf Brewery, Mark Burke of Streetcar 82 with Governor Larry Hogan and Sam Costner of Streetcar 82.  

 Kelby Brick, Mark Burke & Sam Costner of Streetcar 82 with FeBREWary attendees.

Kelby Brick, Mark Burke & Sam Costner of Streetcar 82 with FeBREWary attendees.

Test Batches

We've been working hard on our test batches and getting it just right for you. Today we took advantage of the national holiday to brew our second test batch of Belgian Dark Strong Ale otherwise known as a Quadrupel. We can promise that this one is going to be a whopper with an OG of 1.096 right before pitching our yeast. We anticipate this one to have a spicy fruit flavor, dark ruby-red color, and a nice warm finish. This one is most likely going to end up with an ABV of 9.4% which will be perfect for riding out the tail end of winter when it will be ready to sample in February. 

If you want to be part of our sample team and taste our beers in exchange for feedback, please shoot us an email and we'll get in touch with you!  


 Hopping at 60 minutes with Warrior Hops.

Hopping at 60 minutes with Warrior Hops.