I want to buy a keg, Can I?

Yes, however, we’re a very small brewery so please keep in mind that kegs are only available for events depending on supply, availability and projected demand. Please do check in with us at info@streetcar82.com.

Gluten Free beer?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any gluten-free beer options. Please do feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic gluten-free options if you want to join your friends. We do provide Boylan’s Sodas which are gluten-free and vegan

Are you Kid-Friendly?

Yes, we are! We’re all about community, what is community without kids? Parents, please do keep your kids within reach and ensure they are well behaved. We are a production brewery and while we do encourage kids, safety first please! Keep an eye on your kiddos!

Can I bring/Order food?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring your own food/non-alcoholic drink or order takeout from any place nearby! Pizzeria Paradiso is right around the corner.

However, NO outside alcohol of any sort can be consumed on our property. We have a zero-tolerance policy in place for this. Our license does not allow for any outside alcohol. People who bring in outside alcohol will be asked to leave immediately. Growlers are also not permitted to be consumed on-premises.

Whats the deal with food trucks at S82?

Currently Prince George’s County has a very complicated relationship with food truck vendors. We are unable to have food trucks with any sort of regularity. However, we do have caterers every so often (notably 250 Texas BBQ). If you know of a food vendor thats looking to do a pop-up shop, please do send them our way.

Do you distribute to stores?

No, we don’t. Our model is built on the idea that a brewery should be self-sustaining and community-oriented. Our sales are 100% taproom-only. We love our business and want to create slow, careful, and sustainable growth in a very competitive environment. We’re not saying, “never!” We’re just saying, “not right now.”

Do you serve any alcoholic beverages other than Beer?

No, due to the specifics of our licensing requirements, we are not able to sell any alcoholic beverages that we do not produce ourselves. Our license also limits us to beer production only.